The KirkkonummiBrandventure

Early 2024, Dirty was selected to undertake a full-scale rebrand for the municipality of Kirkkonummi. Being who we are, we decided to do things a little differently.

In May we kicked-off our new Brandventure concept: an immersive, multi-channel branding experience that invited locals to help craft the new Kirkkonummi identity together. We firmly believe that every place has a story, just waiting to be told. So, who better to tell it than the residents themselves?

“Every place has a story,just waiting to be told”

Our Brandventure began with a series of workshops and community events aimed at gathering diverse perspectives and ideas from residents, businesses, and municipality employees – all whilst working hand-in-hand with Kirkkonummi’s internal marketing team.

We want the new Kirkkonummi brand to be everyone’s story. That’s why we also created a dedicated domain to serve as our remote brand hub: allowing as many people as possible – including locals with accessibility challenges – to get involved.

“Dirty stood out for thecreativity of their concept”

“We organized a competitive pitching process for Kirkkonummi’s rebranding project earlier this year. Dirty stood out for the creativity of their concept, but also for their exceptional approach to activating residents and other key stakeholders in the various stages of the branding process. The project has been off to an excellent start. We eagerly anticipate the publication of the preliminary brand concepts at the Kirkkonummi Days in August,” says Rami Niittysalo, the Communications Manager of Kirkkonummi.

As a part of the ongoing Brandventure project, the residents of Kirkkonummi will get a chance to comment and vote on their favorite of three unique brand concepts.

The new Kirkkonummi brand will be unveiled in late 2024.

Juha Elo

Creative Director

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