Your next summer soundtrack

It’s no secret that The Dirty People loooove music. We carefully curated 4 playlists for you and us to enjoy together ✨️ Pop on your headphones and find our Dirty Playlists on Spotify.

The Groovy Agency

Our Dirty Intern payed close attention to the music played everyday in the Dirty office. Her incredibly efficient supercomputer-like brain assembled all the best hits into this list. Get inside the Dirty workmode with The Groovy Agency playlist.

Don't Stop the Funk

If all else fails, Funk. The most head-bobbing feel-good hits for Friday afternoons!

Let the rhythm take over and enjoy the timeless hits.


A collection of alternative electronic bangers. Nightshift is made for the moments when you need a big boost, be it the night before a big deadline or extra saucy music for your morning walk.


For those of us who like to stare out of the train window and submerge into a pink-coloured dreamworld. This playlist is perfect for peaceful moments of reflection and relaxation.