An egotistical brand is one that satisfies the goals and visions of an internal leadership team. An empathetic brand is one that satisfies the desires of the actual customer.

The former is rigid: favouring a timid approach to communication that adds to the endless flood of “content for content’s sake”. The latter favours flexibility: always swimming against the tide and disrupting the sea of generic content with something genuinely valuable.

The former is destined to fail while the latter will always succeed.

That’s why our methodology places your customers at the heart of everything we do. First, we have to understand their feelings, goals, and pain points. Only then can we begin to craft an identity or message that truly resonates with them.

The data problem

It’s true. As a field, marketing has become largely empathy-deprived.

Customer-distancing, pseudo-objectivity, and an over-reliance on big data have all led to a decline in genuine value for audiences and customers.

Now, that’s not to say data isn’t an invaluable part of modern marketing. As a tool, it can provide us with key insights into audience behaviours. However, it tells us very little about the actual reasons behind them.

That’s where our empathy-based approach comes in. Helping us to craft stand-out brands and content that people genuinely want to be a part of.

So, why not make things more interesting?

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