Building better with a more humane approach.

Consti Group is Finland’s leading company concentrating on repair and construction work. Consti joined forces with Dirty in strategic planning and workshops, enhancing the way Consti promotes their new services. Later we have expanded our cooperation also to visual identities, brand materials and redefining the core marketing messages.

Projects involved: Consti Parveke, Consti Kodikas & Consti Ikkuna


2019 - 2021

What did we do?

Logo design
Website design
Graphic design
Motion graphics

Instead of asking what and how…

We asked: why?

Consti is known for their “people first” way of working. With Consti’s marketing team we felt that this message didn’t get through in a proper way. During our co-operative workshops, we went through the whole chain of their communication from promotion to customer service and focused on finding new, more customer friendly ways communicate. The focus switched from “what we do” to “why” and led to a more customer-centric way of communication.