A series of videos to promote smarter living.

As a part of their RIS-Boost project, the Helsinki Smart Region hired us to tell a story of their biggest strengths. As the region is the home for over 1,7 million people, it’s safe to say there is a lot to talk about. So much in fact, that it’s a lot to process for anyone.

Too often, regions tell their stories in a vague, unsurprising way. Why make yet another, hard to grasp, drone-based 3 minute video when we can do something much more interesting?


Helsinki Smart Region

What did we do?

Concept design
Graphic design

Bite-sized instead of one huge steak.

To make the video approachable as possible and easy to comprehend, we shifted from making one video to a series of shorter videos that could be cut and arranged into different compilations to suit the different forms of digital distribution.

We broke down the pool of strengths of the area into themes that created the platform to crystallize the idea behind each of the videos. Area marketing often tends to paint a really general picture of things – we wanted to go from macro to micro and talk about the benefits through every-day encounters that would be easier to identify with.