A gate to happiness

Sipoonkorpi National Park is one of the main outdoor destinations in the Helsinki region. It is known for it’s dense forests, rich bird life and stunning trails. For many (and for our team as well), Sipoonkorpi is the place to get some downtime and recharge their minds. We partnered with Sipoo to design the visual identity for a brand new park entrance, Korvenportti.



What did we do?

Merchandise Design

A new age of natural attractions

As one of the main entrances to Sipoonkorpi, the plans for Korvenportti are ambitious. In the near future, Korvenportti will be the home for various modern services and attractions to cater the needs of the ever more demanding travelers.

The design process was fast paced: first drafts were introduced only a few days after the initial contact. Eagle owl, the symbol for the national park, was chosen to feature in Korvenportti’s identity as well – but with a modern twist. Inspiring and welcoming, modern and slightly mysterious – the sleek visual identity invites you to experience finnish nature at it’s finest.

How to get there? Put up Knutersintie 256, Sipoo Finland to your map application. For more information, please visit www.sipoo.fi