New angles to area marketing for millennials

Lepolankortteli is an upcoming neighbourhood in Järvenpää, Southern Finland. Our mission was to create a strong brand concept identity and a name for the district that would appeal to urban millennial families, singles and couples.

The strategic framework was built around the strategy of the city of Järvenpää, our own research and collective workshops, which shaped the focus and customer profiles of Lepolankortteli. The gathered data pushed us to create a brand built around the contrasts of relaxed vs. dynamic and countryside vs. city life. This contrast also reflected the name – Lepolankortteli.


Name: Lepolankortteli
Year: 2019

What did we do?

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Motion graphics

Countryside with an urban mindset

Design-wise we headed towards a brand that would draw its visual inspiration from modern street, art and music scenes as well as Scandinavian design. The tension between contrasts was enlivened with colourful illustrations on top of minimalistic elements.