A complete marketing slam dunk

Sports fans? In our office? Yup! That’s why it was great to get onboard with Raiders Basket, a Finnish basketball team competing in the second highest tier of Finnish basketball.

As a relatively new club, our task has been to turn a fresh local sports club into an appealing and cohesive package for both the fans and sponsors, and strengthen the club identity with marketing communication.


Raiders Basket

What did we do?

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Graphic design
Website design
Motion graphics

Fake shot, clever pass and a damn nice lay-up

We performed a complete overhaul of how Raiders Basket should be marketed by refreshing the look and feel, the marketing materials, the tone-of-voice and the value creation models for its fans, sponsors and interest groups. After all, a sports club lives by and for it’s community.

A club is nothing without its surroundings

A club is nothing without its surroundings.

For sponsors we designed a membership called Raiders Klubi. As a club member fans have access to VIP club events, best seats in the home arena and other club activities such as away game trips.

Along with the Raiders Klubi we were able to establish totally new dialogue with the clubs sponsors and how they would like to be a part of Raiders family. This has led to multiple new openings to developing the sponsoring options and products.