A dynamic brand to fit one of the most interesting business locations in Finland


Vihdin Kunta




Brand Concept & Positioning / Slogan & Copy / Logo / Visual identity / Merchandise / Website

Vihti is quickly becoming one of the most relevant business locations in Southern Finland. As a testament of this progress, Microsoft decided to build their latest server facility in the area. To boost their growth, we teamed up with Vihti to build a brand / digital identity fit for the new home of Growth.

Digital in its nature, the brand has a bold and forward looking feel – just like the spirit and vision of the municipality. Main part of the strategy work was to productize Vihti’s service model into something that is easy to apprehend – but something that will stand out. Based on the municipal strategy, V-to-B was born.

Looking for a growth-minded and client-centric place for your business – situated in the true business hotspot of Finland? Look no further!

Welcome to the home of growth



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Startup red

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Energetic yellow

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