Packaging the "unpackable"


Vihdin Kunta




Brand Positioning / Slogan & Copy / Logo / Visual identity / Merchandise / Website

The municipality of Vihti was in need of a new direction in their efforts to boost tourism: something fresh to make Vihti stand out in the highly competitive markets of the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

Our job was to put everything together into a clear, cohesive and unique package for both tourists and service providers. Even if traditional “package tours” were out of the question.

Adventure in its core is something that both challenges and excites. Vihti is not your average, “hop-on-hop-off” mass-tourism experience. Its dramatic nature, intriguing history and unique services can only be found and fully enjoyed by those who are brave enough to seek them.

Vihti is all about finding your inner explorer, daring to dive into new experiences and finding joy in all kinds of adventures – no matter how big or small.

What is life without a little adventure anyway?


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