How to cultivate attraction by being brutally honest


Helsinki Ring of Industry



What did we do?

Concept design / Copywriting & script / Strategic lead / Brand video / Graphic design / Editing

Helsinki Ring of Industry is one of the best locations for asset-seeking investment in the EU. Inclusive of 10 cities around the capital of Finland, Helsinki Ring of Industry hired us to help the brand stand out from their highly attractive competitors and spark a new kind of interest in the eyes of global investors.

Instead of building castles in the air and trying to appear as trendy as the competing regions – Amsterdam, Munich, Stockholm to name a few – we decided it was better to be brutally honest about ourselves. Helsinki Ring of Industry is surely a more boring option, but for an investor – predictability is sometimes just what you need.

The brand video: “Conveniently Boring” gained substantial attention at the EXPO Real convention of 2019, drove media attention for the likes of the famous “The Monocle” and led to an honorary mention in the Finnish Municipality Marketing Awards. In many cases, it just pays off to be honest!